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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
Driving/parking: I don't have to drive to games but for those that do, it's a circle jerk. Every lot should have cash spots available. IIRC only two lots accept cash, and you never know which entrance is open or not. Lot G in particular is a pain in the ass because if the gate on 33rd street is closed, you can only access it via 35th street going north on Normal. If you get to 33rd and try to take Normal going south, a cul de sac cuts you off before you reach the lot opening. If it's a crowded day, and you don't know exactly what lot to go to as you leave the house, it takes FOREVER to negotiate the few blocks needed until you reach the cash lot. Also, the cash lot to the south of 37th street is about 30 miles away from the park, and if you park there you are greeted by the two most inept and ignorant traffic management people in the city's history. Nobody wants to deal with that crap after a good drive and a 20 minute, 3 block trip to the correct lot. Make cash parking available in all lots.
I'm in the other camp. As a season ticket holder, I enjoy knowing that for the most part, Lots A and B are season ticket holder only. I thought Lot C and Lot E/F takes cash daily in addition to Lot G.

Especially if I leave work late for a weeknight game - it's nice to have a season ticket holder lot to park in.

Now that's not to say they can't improve traffic flow for the cash lots - that's a whole other discussion.
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