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Great recap, JB - thanks.

Originally Posted by SoxThunder View Post
2. Offer free wifi at the Cell. Some of the diehards might hate this and say, "watch the game and put away the smartphones!" But face it...younger fans love posting pictures on Facebook during the game, tweeting, or watching in-game stats/replays on MLB At Bat app. My Internet browser (Verizon iPhone) almost never works when I'm at the Cell. Maybe US Cellular does this on purpose to make you think about changing cell phone carriers! The Sox should give incentives/prizes to people who "check in" on Facebook, Yelp or other social media. You can create that "buzz" if you're constantly seeing your friends "checked in" at the ballpark. Seeing this on your newsfeed makes you wish you were where the action is.[/FONT]
This is an interesting one. I've definitely noticed that cellular service is slow to non-existent at the Cell. We only made it to one game last year (hey, I live 1,000 miles away), but while we were there my wife wanted to "check in" and post a picture of our family at the park on Facebook. She had lots of difficulty doing so. At first I thought, no big deal, the game is most important. But the post above brings up a good point - if a casual fan's Facebook feed is filled up with pictures of friends having a great time at the park - eating a churro, kids playing at Fundamentals or posing with Southpaw - they might be more inclined to buy some tickets themselves.
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