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Ok most of this is non-baseball related, but here are a few things they can change IMO to make Sox games a more pleasurable experience.

Ushers: Having one in every section, and having them work the same area of the park every game, might make them a little more "on the ball" so to speak. I know a few of these guys because I usually stand on the concourse, and without their little guide book, they're lost; even for something as simple as where certain stands are located throughout the park. Nice guys; not really trained properly IMO.

Concession workers/lines, etc: Yes, this seems to be the "nastiest" group of non-baseball related workers in the park, but I kind of see their angst. On a typical day these past few years, very few stands are open and everyone is funnelled to the fan deck. So, they are busier than most others, and that also makes for long lines since everyone is at the same damn stand. Open ALL the stands, Sox.

Driving/parking: I don't have to drive to games but for those that do, it's a circle jerk. Every lot should have cash spots available. IIRC only two lots accept cash, and you never know which entrance is open or not. Lot G in particular is a pain in the ass because if the gate on 33rd street is closed, you can only access it via 35th street going north on Normal. If you get to 33rd and try to take Normal going south, a cul de sac cuts you off before you reach the lot opening. If it's a crowded day, and you don't know exactly what lot to go to as you leave the house, it takes FOREVER to negotiate the few blocks needed until you reach the cash lot. Also, the cash lot to the south of 37th street is about 30 miles away from the park, and if you park there you are greeted by the two most inept and ignorant traffic management people in the city's history. Nobody wants to deal with that crap after a good drive and a 20 minute, 3 block trip to the correct lot. Make cash parking available in all lots.

Bathrooms: Yes the bathrooms are nice and spacious, but when it's crowded, forget it. You'll miss a good 2 innings but there's really nothing you can do about it.

Upper deck policy: I'm one of the few that actually agrees with this policy, but I can see it being a turn-off for some. As an old RF season ticket holder in the days before that policy though, I think it's a godsend. If people complain about the lines at the concession stands and bathrooms now, it's a piece of cake compared to the pre-policy days. I used to go UPSTAIRS to get food and hit the head, and I haven't seen anybody piss in a sink since the policy has been implemented. Yes we want bigger crowds, but not all in the same john.

Handicap acessible areas/seating: I think the Sox could do more to make their disabled guests more comfortable. Right now, they keep the area between the last row of seats and the plastic chain that fronts the concourse open for wheelchair bound patrons, but the people with them have to sit on 30 year old 2 foot wide chairs that look like they came from the Chicago Ampitheater after Dick the Bruiser's last match. Very uncomfortable. I don't know what they can do, but at the very least, update the damn chairs.

Family area: Again, the park is already built, but I think there should be a family section. Too often I've seen the "guy who just wants to down a few beers" vs the "don't say poo in front of my little Johhny" scenario play out. Yes people like to drink at games, and yes people like to bring their kids to games without getting a beer bath or sitting near obnoxious idiots.

As for the "baseball isn't a timed game" thing, well, it never has been, so I don't buy that. Baseball has never had a clock, and there have always been night games since the advent of lights, so I don't buy that as an "excuse" not to attend. It's not like this just became an untimed game.

Now I must say, I can go to a game, stand in my spot, have my beer brought to me by our vendor, and enjoy myself like that, but not everybody is me.
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