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Originally Posted by Over By There View Post
Is there any chance in hell that Wimpy would come back to the booth for a full schedule? Maybe it wouldn't work over a full 162 games, but those were Hawk's best games this year.
By far Hawk's best games were with Wimpy. I think Hawk and Stone just aren't the right match for each other chemistry wise. They both have big egos, they both like to talk a lot, and one is a "homer" announcer while the other calls more of a neutral game. They just don't mesh well. Wimpy on the other hand compliments Hawk's style better. He doesn't need to talk as much as Stone and his analysis seems more complimentary of Hawk's style. The two of them have great chemistry (always have) and they seem to genuinely have a lot of fun calling the games together which makes for a much more enjoyable broadcast. I'd love it if they brought Wimperoo back full time. The question is whether he would want to come out of retirement for the 162 game grind.
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