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On teams that carry two catchers, which is pretty much every team anymore, backup catchers get more playing time, at least more starts, than a lot of bench players. Last year backup catchers started more than 40 games, and Pierzynski was more durable with the Sox than I expect Flowers will be.

I don't expect Samchez to get many statrs, but he won't need a lot of starts to keep sharp. Wise will get enough playing time to upset many here, but I suppose that woul be the case if he didn't play much at all. Wise, though, is a good player to have on the bench because he can be effective coming off the bench. It doesn't really work to have an all-star on your bench if he needs a lot of playing time to play like an all-star.

It's the Gillaspie thing I'm really not sure about. Gimmenez and Sanchez seem good bench players in the sense that they can come off the bench and give you what they can. Gillaspie has always stuck me as a player who needs playing time to stay sharp offensively. I don't know that he is suited at backing up third and first any more than Keppinger is suited backing up second and third.

Often teams that have strong players riding the bench don't end up getting what they should out of the players if they can't give them enough playing time.

I know I'm in the minority in holding this view, but I think the Sox might b more effective offensively without a virtually full-time DH. Rotating players in at DH keeps bats in the lineup while resting the players. It can help a manager from wearing down his regulars and it can help a team with bench players who need more playing time to stay sharp.
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