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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I think Viciedo's $6 million is overestimated. Viewing it as similar to Quentin's year is a mistake, IMHO, as Quentin's 2010 was better than Viciedo's 2012, and TCQ also had an MVP-type year in his past in 2008.
Certainly possible. Maybe I'm overestimating the Boras factor. Since he has a high salary for his age at $3.25M and will get a decent raise due to his 2012 numbers, $4.5-$5M is probably the lowest we can expect.

Hahn has worked pretty well with Boras in the past, Kenny is the one with issues, so maybe we won't get taken to the cleaners on this one.

I'm thinking the key for next year is what Jerry decides with the payroll. Hopefully Kenny's end of year comments mean that we won't see another cut next year due to attendance. Since we were around $105-106 with the in-season additions, I agree we can get some wiggle room by dealing Thornton and Crane.

The other thing I find odd is some of the rumors our there that the Sox may look to re-sign Peavy and/or Youk to lower deals. That would push payroll much higher.

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