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**** I didn't hit quote, this is in response to the place feeling "off".

I keep saying it (and I know why the Sox do it), but half of the park is always closed. Little kid walked in yesterday, saw the Shoeless Joe stand, was all excited to get something to eat from there.........and it was closed. Yeah he eventually got his dog or slice, but ***.

Also, there is really one "fan favorite" position player on the team, and he hardly plays the field anymore (Paulie).

The pre-game stuff is BRUTALLY BORING, that doesn't help. We don't really need a pride crew member screeching incoherently into the mic a half hour before the game starts.

And let's face it, the team itself is boring. If they're down a few runs mid-game, the concourse becomes a meeting place and 400 people MIGHT still be watching the game. I feel like I'd get "shushed" if I started making noise.
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?

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