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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Dunn has some value, but nobody wants to get stuck holding the bag.

The longer he's with the Sox this season, the more likely some team desperate for a power bat will take a shot on him for his remaining salary.

The worst thing that could happen is Dunn getting hurt before we can move him.

I'd love to see Jerry make a magnanimous gesture to the fans and dump him and eat his last year's salary, preferably at SoxFest, but that's not Jerry's style, even if Dunn is the most disliked Sox player I can remember in my 40+ years of following the team.
I've heard baseball people say there is no such thing as a bad one-year contract. If that's true, a partial year contract is better still. I don't think there are any American or National League teams that would want Dunn as an everyday player. If you are looking at moving Dunn mid-season, you are limited to contenders. He probably becomes more attractive in August than he is before the deadline, and perhaps more attractive still after the rosters expand. There is a much better chance that someone would pick up Dunn on waivers in 2014 if the team taking him is only looking at paying him for a month or six weeks.
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