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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If the White Sox were to release Dunn, I have no doubt he would be picked up by another team because the White Sox would be picking close to all of his salary. If this were his free-agent offseason, I doubt he would be able to find a major league deal as sweet as the one the White Sox gave Konerko for 2014. What I am hoping is that 2014 being the last year of Dunn's contract, Dunn will be motivated to have a much better offensive season to impress as he prepares to look for a new employer.

As things are now, teams would expect from Dunn what they have expected out of Jason Giambi. Dunn doesn't have the steroids-history baggage, and he's quite a bit younger, but I can't imagine any team is looking at Dunn as being an acceptable full-time DH, let alone first baseman or outfielder. Giambi's contract last year was for less than $1 million. You can make a statistical argument that Dunn has been an acceptable offensive player. But if he had been for the last three years, you wouldn't have to make a statistical argument for fans who have seen differently.
Dunn has some value, but nobody wants to get stuck holding the bag.

The longer he's with the Sox this season, the more likely some team desperate for a power bat will take a shot on him for his remaining salary.

The worst thing that could happen is Dunn getting hurt before we can move him.

I'd love to see Jerry make a magnanimous gesture to the fans and dump him and eat his last year's salary, preferably at SoxFest, but that's not Jerry's style, even if Dunn is the most disliked Sox player I can remember in my 40+ years of following the team.
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