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Originally Posted by winstonage View Post
AJ makes no sense for a team that is not going to contend. I would rather them bring in 2 veteran defensive first catchers to platoon. in the Jose Molina mold on cheap contracts, this would buy them some time to see if Kevan Smith, or Miquel Gonzales could be the long term answer. The Yankees are looking at AJ and I could see 2 Year 15 million dollar deal. You could sign a Molina and maybe a Gerald Laird for 1.5 million each with a club option. I know they need offense, but the defense behind the plate was horrible. Sad thing is, Molina and Laird would be an upgrade over Flowers and Phlegly at the plate as well.
Ah...but veteran defensive catchers will assuredly find backup roles for contenders, usually for decent money too. I don't think it's likely we'd pick up a Jose Molina type unless we're offering both more money and multiple years, and that would just be stupid.
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