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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I have no issue with trading Peavy(assuming we get some value), 34-29, 4.00 ERA- with the Sox, aging, injury prone, it's been 6 years since he won > 12 games in a season- by the time we're good again- I don't seem him as a big piece of the puzzle-
Overall I agree, but it's not Peavy's fault he only won eleven games last year. One stretch of fifteen starts last year Peavy won three games despite a 3.14 ERA averaging 7 innings a start.

Heck look at Cliff Lee. Only won 6 games somehow despite throwing 211 innings, 7 innings a start, with a 3.16 ERA. How that's possible on a .500 club I don't know. His teammates owe him some serious steak dinners, but you can't argue with his performance.
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