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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Well if this is the equivalent of the Cubs 2014 then the Sox would only be expected to be in the playoff mix next year and the WS comes in 2021. By then Dunning and Rodon should be back also, but the Sox may well have 4 starters next year - Gio, Kopech, Cease and Lopez who might all be quality starters. That leaves one slot to fill. Now there might be question marks with Kopech and Lopez for different reasons, but the Sox starting should be significantly improved from the crap shoot of cast offs and maybes it is this year.
yes, 2020 would be the playoff year under the Cubs model (or the Astros model).
Even if Dunning and Kopech are all square for next season, it often takes good young pitchers a year or 2 to get situated. To use the Cubs analogy, they really could use their own Lester...maybe Rodon could be that, but he's never really pitched consistently well for a full season.
They pen should be good. I still see Lopez as a reliever, but a top-flight reliever.
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