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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I strongly disagree for a few reasons:
  • Machado would fill a hole because it moves Moncada over to second, which means first base is the only long term hole you have to fill on the infield.
  • Machado means that Yolmer Sanchez is the backup infielder instead of Jose Rondon
  • Machado's bat changes the whole line-up, which means that if someone like Eloy turns out to be merely good instead of great, it's okay. It's a lot less pressure on Eloy, Moncada, Anderson and even Abreu.
  • Since Machado's signing, the free agent market has consolidated. The biggest free agents next year are Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon and J.D. Martinez, all of whom are at least three years older and more likely to enter the decline phase of their career in their next contract a lot sooner than Machado.
  • Signing Machado would demonstrate unequivocally that the Sox are willing to go out and pay for top-tier free agent talent to supplement the talent they're trying to develop. (A caveat: I'm aware that had the Sox signed Machado they probably would have stopped there and would not be going out to sign Cole this off season).

Now, I don't think that missing on Machado is quite the disaster that I thought it was at the time because Anderson and Moncada have taken big steps forward thus far but of course, this means the Sox can't really afford any sort of regression from either of those two.

I also still have my doubts about ownership's willingness to go out and do everything that is necessary to win largely because of their miss on Machado, which causes me to doubt how successful this rebuild will actually be when all is said and done. I also have my doubts about ownership's willingness to take any of the $270M they were willing to guarantee Machado and spend it on a guy like Cole.
This. 100% This.
Machado on this team only makes all of the positives we are seeing that much better.

Itís frustrating as hell when Sox fans think it was a good thing we missed out. This team still has holes. The Sox need to be able to bring in FA if they want to win it all.
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