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Originally Posted by XplodingScorbord View Post
I'm going to both games that weekend, so I don't really have a preference, I'll see whatever they do either way.

If White Sox fans, and Paul Konerko fans, can't be bothered to show up on a Sunday afternoon just because the Bears are playing the Packers, which they do twice a year every year, then the heck with 'em.

If they have tickets to the Bears game that's one thing, and that's fine, I get it. I wouldn't expect them to throw away money. And I certainly understand that the NFL trumps all, usually. To me this is rare enough to ignore the Bears for one day. I'll catch the highlights. It's Paul Freaking Konerko. It's the last time we'll see him play in Sox pinstripes.
Definitely. I'll be at USCF both Saturday and Sunday the last weekend of the season. Paul Konerko helped bring a World Series title to Chicago. What exactly has the current crop of Bears players brought to Chicago? A string of mediocre seasons highlighted by losses to the Packers? For all the hype the Bears get, they've won the same number of playoff games over the past eight years as the Sox: one. It would be one thing if the Bears were good, but they haven't shown me much over the past couple years.

That said, I think the Sox would be smart to do something for Konerko on Saturday instead of Sunday. Even if the Bears are winless going into that game against the Packers, it will still be treated as more important than Konerko's retirement in Chicago. Nothing will change that no matter what I say.

College football? It's worth noting that neither Northwestern nor Illinois has a home game on Sept. 27. I think I'll take going to a Sox game over staying home and watching Illinois get pounded by Nebraska. And, I think I'll take going to a Sox game over staying home and watching other football games in which I have no rooting interest.

Really, Konerko probably won't get his proper due until whenever the Sox decide to retire his number. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is.
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