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Originally Posted by Alexei4president View Post
OK first off he hasnt even played a full year lets hold off the bust crap...and to the man atop me..ya strikeouts suck but how can u pass this up:19,26,27,46,40,40,40,40,32,8,38, mATTER the strikeouts u just cant pass up on that homerun production..dont worry he will shape up..its called a slump..u dont just go from producing around 35 homeruns a year to just wont happen....unless ur melvin mora
Yes you can pass up the HR counts- Rob Deer was a good example- with all the other wasted ABs that come with it- and combined with the number of hackers/free swingers already in the line up. Personally- what I want most from a DH is a good batting average w/RISP. The best DHs we've had (Thome, Thomas, Baines, Luzinski) all had batting averages around .280+ w/RISP- Dunn's career of .235 w/RISP has been a red flag since the Sox started looking at acquiring him last summer.

A month is a slump- we're almost to the All Star break and he's looked as bad in June as he did in April and May- no sign of improvement.

I hope I'm wrong.
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