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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Chandler indeed played a role in allowing blacks to play as Landis did everything in his power to keep the game white. He didn't choose which black player would break the color barrier. That was Rickey. So to say MLB chose Robinson over all of the other black players available just sounds ridiculous.

And I'm still waiting on you to provide proof that Robinson snubbed other black players.
Your giving Branch Rickey 100 percent credit for this and thats a totally wrong. I'm just saying MLB because i'm not giving Branch Rickey 100 percent credit for allowing Jackie Robinson into baseball. I know you know that there was alot more going on behind the scenes to give Branch Rickey credit like that. Actually Rickey voted no to keep Robinson out I think in 1946 but Chandler intervined. That movie went a little in making Rickey into some sort of saint. In reality it wasn't realy like that.

I can try and find some sort proof on the snubbing deal but when I did searches nothing came up. You'd have to read books about the Negro Leagues.
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