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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Well,yes, Negro Leaguers have a right to be upset. I don't dispute that at all. My issue with you is you saying Jackie Robinson snubbed his nose at other black baseball players, and you have yet to provide proof of this.

As far as Josh Gibson goes...the man died in January, 1947, before Robinson broke into the majors. Are you saying he was snubbed by Jackie from his grave?
I obviously wouldn't say that but Josh Gibson really wanted to be the first Negro League player to break the barrier but baseball waited until they found the right man which Robinson obviously was but at the same time is it really right to pick Robinson over Gibson. Gibson was going to be called up in the early 40's but baseball decided to pass on him. Jackie Robinson never payed very much respect to those veteran Negro Leaguers. Maybe because he figured they were jealous of him and maybe Robinson didn't realize he was slightng them but alot of those guys did feel slighted. It's kinda like how a guy at work gets a promotion and everyone is clapping their hands for him but in the background they are saying he didn't deserve this.
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