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Again, thanks for getting to this before me, dome.

Yes, catcher is a "position of need" for this system. But guess what:

EVERY position is a "position of need" for every system, but ESPECIALLY for one as devoid of talent as the SOX's system.

Picking by position, ESPECIALLY as high as Phegley was picked, is country-dumb. Pick the best damn player you can, get him in the system, and let the system figure out where he'll end up. Many players started out in different positions than where they ended up in the bigs. So if the intent was to actually [SHOCK!] develop a player for the 25 man, this was a dumb pick, as there were players of much HIGHER promise taken after Phegley.

Alternatively, as a SOX fan you should know: KW picks players to trade them, REGARDLESS of position. If this is the GM's M.O., then he STILL should pick the BPA. ESPECIALLY for a system this ****ty and as high as Phegley was picked. [EDIT] BPAs are more likely to become valued chips in trade than a guy who was overdrafted due to some perceived "positional need." [/EDIT]

I still hope that he'll become something of note, but early returns are HIGHLY disappointing, given his draft position. [And the other players drafted near his position that the SOX passed on to get Phegley.] However, him being drafted where he was drafted is emblematic of but ONE problem with this organization out of many problems.

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