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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Again, the simplest explanation would suffice - the Sox saw catcher as a need position considering his potential as a hitter with power, which don't grow on trees at that position. It's not always about Jerry going under slot.

Baseball America thought highly enough of him to pick him the Sox preseason #11.

After 400 AB in the minors (including hitting a total of .284/.328/.415 at 3 levels this year) it's foolish to assume he'll be a bust.

Hopefully he can get well and build on his season next year in AA, and at least get a cup of coffee in the bigs before the end of 2012.
(1) This isn't the NBA or NFL, you do not ever draft need in the mlb draft unless its a player who is going to reach in the next year or 2. You can approach a draft with intent, I.E. the farm is thin on pitching so you will draft pitching heavy, but any team that drafts on position need in the first 4-5 rounds is one that will constantly have a bad farm. You can draft a position when the talent is equal (think Gordon over Smoak) but the best farms generally draft BPA

(2) Being ranked number 11 in the Sox system is nothing of an accomplishment. The fact he was drafted so high, in a piss poor farm, and ranked out of the top 10 is more negative than positive

(3) Touting his power and then mentioning his sub .750 OPS in the minors is quite conflicting.

Again, he has some upside, but he was a terrible pick then and has done nothing to prove it wrong. Scheppers has a ceiling much like Sale, we blew it.
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