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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
Based on what? It's unbelievable how Phegley has become the unofficial whipping boy of the farm system. The kid was sick all season and hasn't had an opportunity to prove himself yet. Give it a rest....
Before he got sick he was pretty bad, and while it isn't his fault, he has his draft position to live up too. He was a severe reach there, especially with the talent still on the board at the time.

It was a typical Sox easy sign without the big potential pick. Again, I don't blame Phegley for his disease, this isn't something he brought on himself in ANY WAY. However, I can be critical and sympathetic at the same time. If you look back at the draft thread you can see me clamoring for Tanner Scheppers. Tougher sign, a little bit of an injury concern, but the kid is a top 40 prospect right now. What would our system be like if we had Scheppers moving in to replace Jenks next year with the luxury of stretching Sale out int he minors to take over in the rotation? Or if we just had Scheppers and Sale both stretching out for the rotation 2012 when we lose Burls and Edwin Jackson.

That is a huge difference. Right now, Sale may be stupidly made a closer, ruining his real potential, because we have nothing else, and we have a catcher who before getting sick showed nothing in his early work to even be remotely excited about and now may never be healthy enough to play.
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