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Originally Posted by khan View Post
Thanks. I'll keep an eye on these two.

I suppose my overarching issue is not with respect to Mitchell specifically, but with the ongoing cavalcade of SOX prospects that come up as a strike-out-in-waiting:

Fields was an automatic K, and I DESPERATELY wanted KW to ship his ass out after his lucky 2007.
I think Flowers just struck out again as I typed this sentence.
Jordan Danks hasn't improved in this area at all, yet the SOX kept moving him up.
Viciedo Ks too much, but moreso as a product of a lack of walking.
Brent Morel had more Ks than hits when he got called up, but then he does other things well enough to where this isn't mentioned as frequently.
And there are others, too.

I merely wish that there were more SOX prospect hitters that were NOT automatic Ks. For that matter, I wish there were more actual PROSPECTS in the system.
Agree in general.

I won't quibble with Dayan's K rate though. It was around 22% in the minors and 24% in the majors. Perfectly acceptable for a slugger. The BB rate is disgusting though. (3% and 1.9%)

Not worried about Morel either. He obviously needs time to acclimate to major league pitching, but his track record shows he generally puts the ball in play. (15.4 K% in AAA last year)

The rest I'll give you. Especially Jordan Danks. Yuck.
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