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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Nothing to do with Ozzie, that stuff has passed. Its obvious that some of the rapid-fire pitching moves and leaning too hard on Coop were rookie mistakes. I'm hopeful that Robin will get it more right than wrong next year.
I would think some bullpen decisions are made before the game starts. Living in New England, I see a ton of Red Sox games. Their announcers often say during games that certain pitchers are not available that game due to their workload the previous few nights. Obviously they got that information in their pre-game meeting w the manager.
Since I don't see many White sox games, I would ask this. When the call goes to the bullpen to start warming someone up, who makes the call. Does Robin or Coop typically call down to get someone up???? That may indicate who is making the bullpen decisions. Maybe for his first year Robin let Coop decide on the bullpen rotation. Or had it been written Robin made all the decisions?
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