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This could actually be the worst season under Jerry Reinsdorf's ownership. We finished in last place in 1989, but that was a young team with a young Jack McDowell and a young Robin Ventura that we knew was going to be good down the road. Little did we know at the time that we would realize that goodness the following season in 1990. Other than years we made the postseason, 1990 remains one of my favorite White Sox seasons ever. That was a really fun year.

We really need to blow this thing up and rebuild. L'Ancien Régime needs to go. I am not necessarily saying Jerry Reinsdorf needs to sell the team, in spite of him playing Emperor Nero's fiddle at this point. I think JR ought to clean house in the front office and buy proven winners from other ballclubs in to rebuild the team. No more KW and his minions. No more White Sox Alumni Association members forming the coaching staff. Bring in Walt Jocketty. Or bring in Mike Rizzo. How about John Mozeliak or John Sabean? Bring in a proven winner from another organization.

I believe JR when he says he wants the White Sox to win more than anything, but he has to put forth the necessary effort if his desire is to be truly realized. In both the White Sox and the Bulls, he has been loyal to a fault. And that has been an impediment to both teams achieving more success than they have.
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