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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
I think that's the point me and others in this thread have been trying to make. On paper, this Sox team doesn't look like they will contend for the AL Central. But again, before the season started last year, there were experts that had the Sox losing 90-95 games. It's ridiculous to say you know what is going to happen. As you said, who saw the Orioles making the playoffs? Or the Sox being in first place most of the season? Or the A's? The Giants? Anything can happen after that first pitch is thrown. Nothing is certain.
Of course it's ridiculous but, ya know, it's kind of fun too. I would wait until spring training starts before making any real sort of predictions and even then I would revise my predictions at the end of spring training.

I will say this for the White Sox, it seems like they play a year late. In 2012 they played like the team everyone thought they would play like in 2011, in 2011 they played like the team a lot of people predicted they would be in 2010. Strange sort of thing.

Go Sox!!!
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