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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
But that's the point, errors don't tell you anything that you don't need to verify with your own two eyes. Obviously I can tell you who are good and bad defenders on the Sox because I watch them 140-150 times per year, but I can't do that for the other 29 teams. I can't tell you how many times in the last 50-60 games this past year that a ball would be sharply hit in the direction of 3B that Youkilis would just simply watch go by him becauss he had literally no lateral movement left in his legs. No error, because he didn't come close to making any kind of play, but a ball you would clearly expect a MLB 3B to at least knock down, if not have a shot at. I don't know what Youkilis's fielding percentage was last year for the Sox (again, because, who cares?) but I can tell you he was a crappy 3B for most of the 2nd half.
I think that errors can serve as sort of a red flag for teams you don't watch everyday. Lets say the Tigers have a first baseman who makes something like 40 errors, you can look at that and say "Whoa! That's a high number of errors!" There might be extenuating circumstances obviously (this is usually the case with middle infielders) but it serves as a good way to garner some cursory information into a guy's defense. It doesn't tell the whole story obviously but I think some information can be gleaned from the number of errors a guy has.

Go Sox!!!
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