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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I could be wrong on this but Brett Lawrie was on his way to having a monster WAR season and most of it was due to his defense. The BlueJays would often position him in the outfield which made his range seem far greater which made him look like Brooks Robinson on paper. If this is correct then by all means you are right.

It's hard for me to believe that in 16 seasons Konerko has only gotten a 25.3 career WAR. Meanwhile in 7 seasons Ben Zobrist has gotten a 25.4 career WAR. There's no way Ben Zobrist has had a better career than Konerko. I don't disagree with Zobrist's numbers but I do disagree with how Konerko is viewed and it is because of his defense for the most part on why he is so low.
If I had the time and energy I could point out countless examples going all the way back to Bill James' original big hit Total Baseball. I'd also like to point out AGAIN, that way back in the Stone Age when I first began to play and follow baseball it was not unknown that the metrics we used (we didn't call them that) were flawed. My all time favorite White Sox player is Billy Pierce. I never thought that Whitey Ford was that much better than Pierce, if in fact he was better at all. It's easier to pitch when Mantle, Maris, Skowron, Berra, Howard etc have staked you to an early 3-5 run lead then when you know if you make one big mistake you're probably going to lose. Pierce is one player that really suffered in the HOF voting because of strict adherence to the established ways of looking at players. Back to Konerko. If there's one thing I want defensively from my 1B man it is to dig out those errant throws. He's not a Vic Power or George Scott when it comes to that, but he's damn good. Another reason why you can look fish eyed at your other infielders fielding percentages, they can be so much at the mercy of your 1B man. Even one like Konerko who is considered a dog by the saber people.

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