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Originally Posted by balke View Post
L. Garcia can play CF as well. Danks right now is a 4th OFer type. He to me deserves a little more of a look based on how he finished last season. He hasn't shown much of anything overall though.

Viciedo has shown power and is young. If we are taking a look to assess the future next season - he's definitely a player to keep and watch.

I'd love to see De Aza go to a good team and turn back into the player he was in 2012. Even if he did well next year on the Sox, will it add up to anything? Will the Sox win the World Series because of it?
I didnt know about L. Garcia being able to play cf. Regarding Viciedo, I keep thinking of him as an ofer (which I hate) but keep forgetting the Sox need for a DH after this year.
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