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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Late this season, Konerko made it a point to tell reporters about the "rave reviews" he was getting at 1B from opposing hitters regarding Quintana. They talked about how he doesn't show the hitters anything and keeps them guessing, in addition to his great stuff. Regardless of velocity, the most telling quote for me is that the hitters were telling Konerko that he "doesn't show anything". This means that Jose is learning how to pitch. If Quintana has learned to make every pitch look similar coming out of his hand to the opposing batter, then he is a very dangerous pitcher regardless of whether he is throwing 94 or 91 mph. Here is a link to the article that has the Konerko quiote:
He's talking about his deception. As I mentioned before, I'm not enthralled with guys that get by because of a bunch of pitches and smoke and mirrors. Yeah, some guys turn it into a great career. In most cases, those guys don't last half a decade.
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