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Default Another Gem: Historical Footage of 1976 White Sox Game

There's a ton of cool stuff on the Mediaburn site. They have hours of video from Bill Veeck's career dating back to the 1950's. It includes raw footage from when a documentary-maker followed Veeck around during 1978 spring training. Among other things, it shows Veeck trying to get a message to Fidel Castro as part of a scheme to conduct part of spring training in Cuba.

They also have part of the 1959 World Series film, narrated by Vin Scully and several of those "Memorable Moments in Chicago Sports" segments that WGN used to show during Cubs rain delays.

Also this gem: The last couple innings of a random Sox telecast from September 1976 -- a blowout loss to the Twins. You really get a sense for how gritty and uninviting the old park looked in those days -- especially on a cold September night with only a few hundred fans in the stands.
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