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Why do the Sox always do better in the first half?

The Sox have dominated in interleague play for years.

Interleague play takes place in the first half of the season.

Move interleague play to the second half of the season, and the thread title would change to “First Half Blues”.

I only went back five years, but it you eliminate interleague games, the Sox have averaged 36 wins and 35 losses in AL games in the first half, and 36 wins and 37 losses in AL games in the second half (using B-R’s definition of “half” being the ASG). The Sox have been dominant over the NL for most of the ten years originally mentioned, so I’d think a longer analysis would find the same thing.

Now this year is different, as the Sox were 9-9 against the NL, and I do believe the team was simply playing over its head for a while and finally hit reality in September, combined with an inexperience pitching staff. But in previous years, they’ve gotten fat off the NL and played around .500 against everyone else- first half and second half.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what order you win the games in. I know that a team that plays poorly in April and May and plays well in August and September is more highly regarded than a team that does the opposite, but why?

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