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Originally Posted by Brian26
I'm still a bit peeved that, for no reason I can see, the Sox logo was taken off the All-Star logo last year at the last minute and replaced with "MLB". I believe that's the first time since they've been doing special logos for the All-Star game that the city's name or team nickname wasn't apart of the logo. Talk about disrespect...
Also happened in 2002 for the brewers. MLB actually had 3 asg logos. 1 with the sox logo, and 2 with mlb written in it's place. One had a text block covering teh sox logo, while another simply had the text inside the scoreboard element.I liked that one. I hated the text block logo. They ddefintly didnt change the 99 logo or the 2001. Makes you think if fox didnt want to put up the sox or brewers logos, eh?
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