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Originally Posted by BUMMER View Post
Sounds like official announcement will come IF Griff, Jr approves the trade (Mike & Mike). I'm leaning to the negative - I'd rather have a faster, younger CF between CQ & JD than Griffey. Don't think he'll DH over Thome and Griffey hasn't played much 1B. Another expensive, aging, plodder - (home run or nothing) - exact opposite of what Sox need (IMO) -maybe there's another move along with it such as Griffey going elsewhere or PK or.... no word of Sox names - reminds me of the Alomar / Everett moves. Maybe lightening in a bottle?
Depending on who the Sox give up, I'm not so sure I like this...Its just that Ken Griffey is soooo old. He'd more or less be a platoon player and I'm not so sure I want him in CF...he's still a solid left handed bat, but...I don't get it.

Go Sox!!!