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Originally Posted by soxball14 View Post
Maybe instead of constantly complaining about what the Sox spend you should look at what they have brought in! Some of you are saying to spend spend spend on players that none of us have ever seen. I think rather than complaining about the Sox not spending money on those kids I have never seen, I will just trust in the fact that they have had 3 ML's in 3 years and the system is getting better with the likes of Morel, Danks, Mitchell, Thompson, ect. Not to mention they have spend millions on Vicedo and Alexei and I don't think they have done too bad.
The Sox have one of the worst (IF NOT THE WORST) Farm in all of baseball. Some teams draft poorly, some develop poorly, some spend poorly, the Sox do all 3!

Morel is nice but not a very highly regarded prospect. Jordan Danks is a dime a dozen 4th-5th OF prospect, Trayce Thompson jury is still out some love him some hate him, Mitchell was a step in the right direction, but drafting a total tear down project like he was is dangerous for a team that has no idea how to develop anyone.

There isn't much to be excited about with our system. Morel may realistically be our best prospect outside of Sale, and he projects as a sub 800 OPS 3rd base, not exactly setting the world on fire.

Edit: Also, there are some guys here who have seen these kids and are very versed on the minor league system. I don't claim to be one of them, but we have some really smart posters with the minor leagues here.
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