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I suspect that's part of it (i.e. launching pad) and that this is also part of the Sox philosophy (i.e. home run or nothing...)

Daver knows about as much about the minor league system as anyone and he has said in the past another issue is the Sox (unlike say the Twins) move players from team to team, from level to level based strickly on hitting. And they'll move guys up to multiple levels in a single year to boot. Daver says things like knowing the strike zone, fielding, fundamentals are being ignored simply because a guy 'can hit.' And if I've misquoted Daver he can clarify his thoughts if he wishes.

Also remember the Sox have had by my count three different scouting directors in the past 10 years and probably three different minor league directors. Continuity doesn't seem to be a strong point in this regard for the organization.

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