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Default We Need A Superstar

Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I don't know where to begin.

Verlander is not breaking down. He's not shown any signs of that, and is never injured. I don't know where that's coming from. That's like looking at Roger Clemens or Randy Johnson at age 28 and saying "boy they throw hard, bet they're out of the league in a few years".

Do you know who led the AL in strikeouts last year? Verlander of course, being his normal self. Know who was just barely second? Max Scherzer. And he did it in fewer innings. In fact, Scherzer had a better second half of the season than Verlander did, and was the obvious ace of that rotation. And no, Verlander didn't have a down second half. Scherzer's that good, and is an ace on probably 20 other teams in the league.

Do you know what Doug Fister's ERA was the last two seasons? 2.83 and 3.45. Not a misprint. Other than Sale, we don't have a starter that can claim something like that.

Ah yes, and Annibal Sanchez. Who many claim isn't as good as Gavin Floyd. Despite the fact that in a decade in the league, he's always had an ERA in the 3's.

Not that special. Right....
Unfortunately, I agree with Blandman for the most part. As we know MLB can be crazy/unpredictable, but on paper the Kittens are the cream of the AL Central, maybe all of the AL.

We had career years from several players last year and still came up short. I have not felt such a lack of buzz and excitment about the Sox for many years. Who is appealing and exciting about this current crew:

Rios: our best all round position player but seems to lack the spark which makes him a fan favorite
Beckham: a potential fan favorite, but does not hit well enough
Cuban Missle: a solid, solid SS but not a superstar we hoped for
Konerko: another very solid player for many years but second half declines are very concerning
Tank: is he still a superstar in the making?
Dunn: The worst AVE since Karko. Epic Fail, and obviously no one is going to the park to see the Donkey. Ugh.
De Aza: one year wonder? Time will tell.
The Catch: just a sub
Flowers: if he can hit 22-25 HRS, count me a fan
Klepp: a new fan club called the "klepomanicas", sure.

We need better players. You can't fool Sox fans with this crap.
( our pitching is most likely better than league average, hooray.)