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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Which, if you read what I wrote, I attribute to overuse; I don't want Axelrod in the starting rotation every 5th day, I don't even want him in Chicago, but if you take more than a glance at his numbers you'll there's more to the story. Through his first 11 games (about 65 innings), he held opponents to a .249/.300/.390 line, which I'm not saying is great, but again, for emergency spot starter material is fine.

The guy has general split time between SP and RP in his minor league career so he's only pitched 109, 150, and 130ish innings in the minors his last 3 seasons, no shock that he wore down as he approached those numbers in the Major Leagues.

There's currently 37 players on the Sox 40-man roster. By my count, there's at least 25 more pressing issues than Axelrod. I hate to break it to everyone, but the Sox probably aren't winning more than 70 games next year. Dumping or keeping Dylan Axelrod around isn't exactly going to make or break the 2014 season.
Now that he's been fully scouted, I wouldn't anticipate Axelrod being overly effective in any role. You're right though; keeping him in a role will not make or break our season. The season is broken, we need filler until we build up. That's exactly what he brings.
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