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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
I honestly don't think we're hyping up to deal him, the org. is extremely high on him right now. Granted we all know Kenny, no prospect is untouchable with him at the helm.

They want him to be a starter (of course) but he will need more than two pitches (of course) to be successful. Right now I'm not hearing good things about the changeup, which makes me wonder what that third pitch might be in the future. My mind immediately goes to a cutter, especially with Buerhle's and Danks' success with it.

I think it's much too early to think surrender him to a lifetime in the bullpen.
Kenny said today that he'll enter spring as a starter, but will very likely spend the bulk of his time this year as a reliever. Not sure if he means if he makes the club outright.
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