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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Disappointing chat log. The Flowers defense question, to hear how much he improved, was like, awesome maybe we have something special here, then to hear his swing isn't that great with a bunch of holes, its just 1 mans opinion, but sounds like we don't have a Victor Martinez calibur catcher here.
Well, duh. No one's ever hyped him that much. But considering our organization's inability to produce any quality major league catchers, having a guy similar to Mike Napoli would be a very good thing.

.240/.360/.440 would be pretty damn good with solid defense. Flowers has improved -- and that's not to say his defense has maxed out, but I can see him becoming a solid defender.

Edit: and it says a lot that KG would say Viciedo is starting at Charlotte. He has a lot of contacts around baseball and wouldn't use such concrete language if he didn't hear it from someone credible. I can definitely see the organization keeping Morel at 3B and in Birmingham for the entire campaign, and carrying on with the Viciedo at 3B experiment.
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