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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
But professional = milquetoast, bland, dime-a-dozen!
Which may very well be the reason almost every team hires a "boring, dime-a-dozen, bland milquetoast" in the first place.

I have never turned on a television or radio in my life to hear the announcer's opinion. I turn them on to watch/listen to the game. It is about the team after all.

Only with very few exceptions does an announcer ever gain such status as to attract viewers/listeners to hear the announcer himself. Ken Harrelson has never, and will never, gain such status. In forever trying to gain said status, he makes watching a White Sox game (particularly when they're losing) a chore.

Say goodbye to him and hire somebody who will simply compliment what is going on in the game, and not try to become a subordinate story to the game itself.