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Originally Posted by 24thStFan View Post
Didn't Dunn clear waivers? I'm not sure he has great value, but if the Sox can move him in the offseason for someone who can meet one of our many needs, I think they should.
My guess is that Dunn clearing waivers indicates no one wants to take on his salary, not that no one wants him.

Players mid-season never have great trade value, unless, perhaps, you have a fan base demanding one specific player at the deadline and a management bowing to the pressure. It's possible that Rios brings back something in return if the player to be named later was a player who wouldn't have cleared waivers, but that is just wild and hopeful speculation.

But the fact that no one wants to take on Dunn's salary would indicate it would be hard to move him somewhere because trading him and effectively eating his contract would be counterproductive.
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