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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
What I don't understand is if the Giants are so opposed to the A's moving to San Jose, why would they be agreeable to sharing their park with them?
I don't believe the Giants would agree to the A's occupying their park while they're on the road. The Giants actually own their park, raised the money to build it on their own and still have debt service. But I've heard this suggestion floated a few times by fans who find the park in Oakland unacceptable, fans who would prefer watching baseball at the nice park across the bay.

The A's could do what the Giants did not so long ago and finance their own park, but that apparently is not part of the discussion. I don't see the A's playing in San Francisco unless the Giants were to charge the A's substantial rent and maintenance costs. Or the A's could bring baseball back to Candlestick Park.

During the debate over places to play for the Bay Area football teams, it might have been a newspaper columnist who suggested one park on Treasure Island, which can only be accessed by the Bay Bridge. I think the bridge, connecting San Francisco and Oakland, is the most heavily traveled in the country already, at least it's on the short list, so it's not uncommon to hear ridiculous ideas thrown out in NoCal.
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