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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
This. Saw this coming for weeks with lackluster play against both the Tigers and crap teams like the Royals. But people here kept posting "first place in September" playing the fiddles while the city burned.

Can't even take a home series from the Indians. What a colossal choke-job...
Up until this week, the Sox have played pretty well for most of the 2nd half against everyone aside from Detroit and Kansas City. So it's not like it was unreasonable for anyone to think they could have bounced back to some form now that those two teams are off their schedule. But, oh well...

As for "colossal choke-job," eh, the Sox never really had a strangehold on the division. Their lead was never more than what? 3 games? Talk to the Braves or Red Sox last year who blew 10+ game leads in September. THAT'S a colossal choke-job. This just sucks.

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