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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The White Sox farm system was ranked #1 by Baseball America in 2000.

The 2000 Sox had 7 BA Top 100 Prospects; Wells, Garland, Myette, Rauch, Ginter, Borchard, Crede, and Wright.
Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Mark Buehrle. Joe Crede. Aaron Rowand. Jon Garland. All of them spent the majority of their minor league development in the White Sox system while KW was Director of Player Development. Do any of those names ring a bell, pal???
I agree. I think the discussion back and forth about this is splitting hairs. The way I see it, the Sox had a top ranked farm system in 2000. If people think that means nothing, the following 2005 players were already in the Sox organization by the end of 2000 or were acquired for players that were in our organization by 2000: Crede, Buehrle, Rowand, Garland (acquired as a prospect), Garcia (acquired for Sox prospects Olivo, Morse, and Reed). I don't care how Crede, Borchard, or Wright were ranked by BA, the above names helped this team win the World Series. Being a highly ranked farm system in 2000 mattered.

Also, don't forget that the Sox drafted Carlos Lee in 1994 and called him up in '99. In 2004, he was used to acquire another key 2005 player: Podsednik.

It's not that all these guys above were total superstars. It's that they were solid, valuable players. How many guys of this caliber have come out of the Sox system in the last 12 years? Maybe Sale and Reed are a sign that things have bottomed out and we're starting to gradually produce quality players again.

Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I think after 2008 KW was increasingly making moves out of desperation to remain competitive. Consequently, I don't think he put enough time into scouting his own prospects/players to trade away, or the players he acquired. He also increasingly used our system to develop players to trade, and emptied out the system to acquire veterans. This is not a value statement, just an observation.
Perhaps he was getting desperate because the talent from the farm system was running dry. One of KW's talents was flipping prospects for impact players. That doesn't work when you no longer have enough valuable prospects.

I don't agree with the notion that our farm system is bad now because it was emptied out to acquire veterans players. The biggest prospect we gave away was Gio Gonzalez....and that was more than 5 years ago now. We gave up Chris Young in 2006. Other than that, it's not like the majors are full above average players who were Sox farm system products that got traded away.
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