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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post

I can't believe anyone would expect Hahn to announce, "This team sucks! I'm going to blow it up." I suspect that is his plan. But he's not going to say in publicly, because that would decrease the value of his movable assets.
I agree with part of this, I disagree with part of this. I think that anything Hahn says in public is just that - fodder for the public. He can't publicly give up on the team YET and still expect fans to come to the ballpark. But behind closed doors, it is not a matter of decreasing the value of his movable assets. Hahn knows what they are worth, as do other GMs that really are buyers. I think he probably has the word out as to who is available, without jumping at the first offer that comes in. There is plenty of time for the true contenders to rise to the top, assess their needs, and make their best offer. Their may be injuries that put a contender into a more desperate bargaining position.

Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie
To recap, the Sox need:
Current pace 0.420 to finish 68-94 ( yay, they won't lose 100 games!)
Need a pace of 0.559 to finish 81-81 (yay, another non-losing season!)
Need a pace of 0.656 to finish 90-72 (It's gonna happen, to borrow a North side pipe dream)
Sorry for quoting myself from another thread I started, but after crunching these numbers, Hahn can publicly sit on the fence, but he has to face reality. There is no doubt in my mind that he has butts on the trading block and is waiting for the real buyers to step up.

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