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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Prospects have much more value in their perception than their actual worth; if you want to build a team up through it's farm system, you have to understand that most of them will just burn out. Look at any old BA Top 100 list from the past decade. You'll be shocked at how many names you don't even recognize.
I don't need any lectures on how farm systems work- or what % of prospects actually make it.

I think KW was great for his 2005 achievement and will always be grateful.

For 2006-2012- over that 7 year span- he delivered 1, brief, play off appearance, several <.500 teams, and in the end- left behind an aging, overpaid major league roster, and one of the worst minor league systems in MLB.

Over 17 years of overseeing the farm system in different capacities- he might have been effective at the beginning (1995-2000 when he earned the incredible #1 rating from BA you keep referencing)- but after that,not much at all.

If the WSox let him go- I would guarantee he would not be hired as the GM of any other major league team-

Not after this long term track record (farm system rankings from either BA or BP)- 8 of his last 10 years 20th or lower:

2013- 29th
2012- 30th
2011- 27th
2010- 23rd
2009- 25th
2008- 23rd
2007- 24th
2006- 14th
2005- 12th
2004- 20th
2003- 15th
2002- 9th
2001- 1st
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada

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