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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
Your argument is that Buehrle, Crede, Rowand, and Garland were home grown talent that formed a "core".... and that "core" was mainly responsible for 05.. There's no way to prove that's true and no way to prove its not true, so basically it's meaningless to even bring that up unless you want to bolster whatever point it is about how awesome KW was at bringing in and developing talent..
The point was that of the '05 team, with the exception of Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko, every player on that roster was either developed by the White Sox when KW was Director of Player Development or acquired by them when he was GM. You guys want to pretend there's this laundry list of candidates out there to run the show with a more impressive resume than him, that's fine, I'm just telling you, there aren't as many as you'd like to think.

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