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Originally Posted by Jerko
IMO, Prior screwed himself up pitching the end of 03 with the bad achilles. I'm sure he had to change his delivery somewhat so his ankle didn't hurt when he threw the ball, and that may be what messed up his arm. I think he'll be fine, and sooner than people think.
I agree.

He was their horse down the stretch and into the NLCS, and pitching with a bad achilles automatically makes a pitcher alter his delivery, whether its his landing leg or pushoff leg I dont know, but either way there was probably alot more stress and tear on his arm than normal...

His mechanics are usually flawless, and he uses his gigantic legs to his advantage, but maybe at the end of '03 he was forcing it rather than pitching, like he would with a healthy ankle...

Just one possibility of many....
Lets stick with "blame it on dusty" for the hell of it!
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