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The Bonds vote will be interesting. I don't expect Sosa to have much support, but there is the school of thought thta Bonds would have been worthy without the home runs.

I wouldn't vote for Bonds or Sosa or McGwire if I had a vote. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm of the belief that blatantly cheating to gain an advantage is egregrious enough to nullify the achievements.

It really isn't about numbers anyway. I'm guessing that there are people who will vote for Omar Vizquel in five years who won't vote for Barry Bonds this year.

Maybe players no one suspects of cheating were cheating, too. But there is a difference between voting for a someone who disgraced the game and someone whose actions would have disgraced the game if outed. I would like to think that Tim Raines was clean, of steroids anyway. Maybe Raines will get enough support for the Hall of Fame to put up another plaque featuring an Expos cap.
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