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Originally Posted by RedHeadPaleHoser View Post
Haugh was just on the Score, and between M&H and him they all agreed the the comments relating to September's record was directed moreso at Ozzie in that the team was burned out from the BS at the manager level. This season, they pressed too much.

Haugh also commented that KW took careful steps to not blame the fans for not coming out to support the team - the experience at the park needed to be improved.

If KW is president next year, maybe he can help with killing dynamic pricing!
How can they improve the "ballpark experience" and "selling the games?" I'm not understanding what exactly people are suggesting here.

If we're talking about more "in-game entertainment," then you can count me out. White Sox games are plenty enjoyable. There's plenty to do. If we're just talking about different marketing strategies, that's one thing. But changing the actual content of how one experiences a game when they get to the park? I don't get it.
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