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Originally Posted by TDog View Post

I have always gotten the impression that Hugh Fullerton and Ring Lardner knew about the conspiracy to throw the series. Lardner was a huge White Sox fan, and I think the episode marks a sort of loss of innocence for him, as he would go on to raise a son who would write the subversive screenplay for M*A*S*H after being blacklisted by Hollywood. But I digress. In one of the extras to the anniversary release of Eight Men Out (the one that has D.B Sweeney telling the story of Paul Konerko and bat from the movie and the role it played in the 2005 World Series) John Sayles talks about the scandal as being a sort of loss of false innocence for the country, there being no real foundation for such innocence.
Actually, I have read that Lardner was Fullerton's colleague in the movie only. In real life, Christy Mathewson, the former pitcher, was the one besides Fullerton in the press box.
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